I must share this little trick I use for smoother, better looking skin, called “Dry Brushing”.

The technique sweeps away dead skin cells, improves the appearance of skin and even helps support digestion. The movement of the brush on your dry skin simulates the lymphatic system, allowing your body to naturally detox.

When buying your wooden brush, you want to make sure that the bristles are not too hard. We want to stimulate the skin, not damage it.

I personally like my wooden brush with the longer handle so I can cover all the hard-to-reach spots on my body. If your preference is something smaller in your shower, they also make a smaller version of the brush that fits perfectly in your hand.

It’s all about preference and flexibility. Ha!


When to Dry Brush

It’s best to do your dry brushing before the shower. I sometimes like to gently do another round with soap in the shower. Be sure to lather on lots of lotion for moisture after the fact.

If you are one of the lucky ones and have a sauna, do the two in conjunction.

Try to do your brushing in the morning, as it offers energizing qualities.


The Process

To do your dry brushing correctly, start at your feet and hands working your way towards your heart. You can either use small strokes upwards, or brush in a circular motion (my preference).

On your stomach, you want to use a counterclockwise motion.

Do not brush too hard! The point is to stimulate the skin, not break it.



1. Lymphatic support

2. Detox

3. Exfoliation of the skin

4. Smaller pores

5. Reduction of cellulite (yay!)

6. Natural boost of energy

It’s important to find what works best for you. If you have very sensitive skin or eczema, dry brushing may not be for you. If you see signs of discomfort, redness and itchiness, you may want to brush more gently or stop completely.

Pay attention to your body and enjoy this amazing pampering experience!

Muah ♡

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