The moment I heard about an alternative enhancement to your lashes the natural way, I was sold on the Yumi lash lift. I have many friends who have had the lift done with exceptional results and their lashes look long and full without any mascara.

I have tried false lashes in the past, but never really got the hang of the proper application. They always looked so obvious and fake on my eyes. I’ve considered doing lash extensions, but knowing that I mostly sleep on my stomach, I knew I could never have them done. I would either ruin them or rip my own lashes while sleeping. Although I already have long lashes, I refuse to use eyelash curlers thanks to all the horror stories I have heard. I would be mortified if I ripped off my lashes while trying to curl them. I imagine the growth process being a slow and painful one (emotionally). How do you even survive until they grow back?!


The Yumi Lash Enhancement is created by Swiss derma-pigmentOlogist Sandra Viglino to replace fake eyelashes and growth serums. The goal is to bring out the beauty of our lashes with a more natural look. The Yumi lash lift is a keratin treatment that enhances lashes by lifting and tinting them. Your natural lashes will be lifted and filled with a natural pigment infusion to achieve the much desired “open and awake eye” look.
The procedure should only be done by professionals who have completed the training, and are familiar with the process.

The procedure will start with a short consultation where your technician will answer any questions you may have. She then proceeds to apply coenzymeQ10 gel pads under your eyes that provide anti-aging properties. The pads separate your top and bottom lashes. The process takes about an hour, which was worrisome for me as your eyes have to be closed the whole time. Luckily this is divided into three steps; the lifting serum, a serum to hold the lifted lashes in place and the tinting.

After the lift you need to keep your lashes dry for the first 2-3 days for maximum results. If you are planning to go on a trip where you may be swimming, make sure to plan accordingly.

The Yumi lash lift should last you about 8-12 weeks.


My initial reaction to the Yumi lash lift was not good. I felt as if nothing had really changed and that she probably didn’t do a very good job. My technician advised me to wait the 3 days before seeing full results and she was right. My lashes were curved upwards and seemed thicker without mascara. I felt as if the curvature of my lashes was too much for my face. I always liked how my lashes naturally curved up on the sides but the treatment had all individual lashes pointing up too much. After applying mascara, my lashes were almost too thick (I guess that’s not the worst problem to have).

In my personal opinion, I wouldn’t want to pay $150 every few months for something that I didn’t love. The treatment is great for someone with fair, straight lashes, so if you’re looking for a safe, painless and natural enhancement to your lashes, this is the treatment for you. The Yumi lash lift didn’t work for me, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.

Give it a try and let me know your results!

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