Hello lovelies,

I’ve decided to share my personal experience and results of laser hair removal with you all every 5-8 weeks as I go through each treatment. I want to do this because I wish that I had a little more information on the topic before I decided to start my treatments. I always thought that laser hair removal would be a simple and easy process where I show up to my appointment and leave hair free. I quickly learned that there were a lot of things I should’ve known and taken into consideration beforehand.

First and foremost, you need to be realistic of the results and understand what possible side effects there may be from doing laser. You should know that not all of the hair may be gone and that sometimes they come back years later. You just might have to do a few touch ups down the road. You should know that, depending on your skin tone and texture of your hair, the results may vary. For some, the treatments are painful, but for me, not at all (except in the private areas haha). If the pain is too much to handle, numbing cream will be available. 

Some side effects of laser hair removal include skin irritation, redness, swelling and sometimes burns. I’ll get into detail a bit later. 

Don’t get discouraged after reading all this I just believe that it’s important to know what to do and what to avoid so you can minimize the risks and ensure your results have the maximum potential. Oh and also, if you are a male reader and want to do this for yourself, definitely do! It works on all of us 😉


Before the treatment

1. The first, and most important thing is to stay away from the sun. Do not take that lightly!! If you like to tan, summer may not be the best time to start your treatments. This is one of the mistakes I did. At some point you will reach the summer months but the lighter your skin is, and darker you hair, the better the results. Many places recommend different things but it’s important to avoid the sun 2-4 weeks before your treatment and most definitely 2 weeks after. You cannot get spray tans or use self tanners of any kind to avoid burns. Prepare yourself to be pale and enjoy Netflix for a little while!

2. You must shave the areas you are going to laser 24 hours before. This way it is easier for the laser to detect the follicles.

3. Do not thread or wax these areas, as you want the hair to be thick and coarse. The laser needs to target the pigment of the follicle. If you don’t shave, some places will provide you a razor to do it, but to shave so late into the game, it might irritate your skin more.

After the treatment

To see results, remember to be consistent with laser. Be prepared to make an appointment every 6-8 weeks. The magic doesn’t happen after your first time (although I felt like it did for me). Most clients see changes after their third or fourth appointment.

Be gentle to your skin for the first 48-72 hours. Make sure not to take hot showers or work out during this period. Avoid deodorants (I didn’t and I seem to be fine thus far), perfumes and scented lotions to avoid irritation.

Don’t wax or pluck any unwanted hair, shave it! Remember, you need to make sure the follicles are where they need to be.

Please, and I highly suggest that you lather up with sunscreen. Your skin will be super sensitive and you want to protect it. If you don’t you may get those annoying sunspots.

You might wonder if laser is safe or not, and the answer is YES. The treatments just have to be done the correct way and always make sure that the treatments are done in a board certified dermatologists office. In most cases the results are effective and permanent.

You may wonder if it may be worth it to get laser hair removal done and I must say yes, yes, YES! I mentioned above that the treatments don’t have a 100% guarantee of removing all unwanted hair but usually the results are spectacular. I have done two sessions so far and I am in love with my results. I go to the shower sometimes and think about how I need to shave my legs today to wear that beautiful summer dress. I grab my razor and realize I don’t need to. Not sure if there’s a better feeling than that. Laser is especially great for those who suffer with ingrown hairs. You will see that over time not are you just hair free, but your skin gets a lot smoother as well. I am in love!

My Results

I can’t say that I wasn’t freaked out after seeing all the forms I had to sign the first time. I was so nervous about burning and getting permanent marks. I probably asked a million questions before starting, during and after, so I really appreciate my lady who made sure to make the experience so good for me. 

A lot of people think I’m crazy for driving all the way to Glendale to do my laser but I have to say that once you find someone you like and trust, there’s no place else you’d rather go. It’s important to be safe and get the most of your treatments and I do feel that 7Qspa has done that for me. 

As much as I was told that I probably wouldn’t see results quite yet, I see the difference very much. I’m not shaving as often and my hair grows slower, and much less than before. I barely had to shave after my first session until I had to go in again. 

For those that are wondering, I’m lasering my whole body and I’m so glad that I’ve started this process. It’s been life changing for me.

After my first treatment I had a few burns on my ankles which worried me a lot. I had a few bumps due to irritation which luckily went away after I applied aloe Vera on it. I was shocked to see what a difference just one session had done for me and I was excited for my next appointment.

I did notice that  the hair on my arms grew a little differently after my second treatment, which might just be part of the process, but I’ll make sure to ask my amazing lady and keep you all posted on how things go after my third session. My skin is so much smoother and my pores are smaller than before as well. Overall it feels amazing to not have to shave all the time and I highly recommend that you start your process as well. Just make sure to start in the fall when you’re not tempted to roast under the sun all day 😉

Feel free to message me or email me with any questions or concerns and I’ll be happy to tell you more! 

Have a fabulous day